red sand to sea puffins

(confederation trail, prince edward island)

Josie and I unpacked our bikes from their plastic harnesses in Montreal. After 4.5 days on CN Rail, we were ready to crack a few cans of bleu under the french summer sun and ride north along the st. lawrence river.

+Two thousand kilometres later and I’d spent the summer cycling from Montreal to Newfoundland. Here is our loosely-documented route:

(cycling distances. montreal, quebec to st john’s, newfoundland)

Of noteworthiness:


  • La Route Verte. A safe, contained and gorgeous province-wide cycling route created under the cooperation of 15 Quebecois municipalities.
  • Les Isles de Madeleine. A quiet Quebecois strip of sandy islands north of PEI.


  • The St. John River. “The Rhine of North America”. 600kms of peaceful riverside riding.
  • Meductic. Population zilch, yet home to the international musical company, Sabian Cymbals!


  • North (f***ing) Mountain, The Cabot Trail. One of Canada’s finest knee-crackers. Bring an extra pair of kool-stop brake pads.
  • The Deanery Project. The Atlantic natural building revolution begins here.


  • & Life-saving communities for times when you realize you don’t know anyone on this little tiny provincial island. Complete with teepee and bike-in movie nights if you find the right host.


  • Otto Young. A legendary guy near Twillingate. Good rates on cabin rentals which may or may not include homemade stew on stormy nights.
  • A collection of Atlantic musicians filmed in funky spots.

(post-north mountain summit, cabot trail)


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