mdd // next

occupywallstreet, occupyvancouver, occupysesamestreet, occupylols, or bake an occu-pie.

meet the young woman who took direct action. work across the hall from the founder of a local movement, 10 years wise. mobilize that movement. have a phone call with the founder of a national campaign, 500 000 strong. call your mom, ask about her all-candidates debate.

realize that butterflies are different than twitching eyes.

“keep up the good work…” says Joe in passing as you paste another poster to a pole outside the skytrain station. “are you free at 4:30 tomorrow?” frieda wants to phone you into the women’s radio show at your campus station. “there are a lot more women in the MDD programming this year..” she says with a warm glint in her eye. it’s conscious. but it’s also responsive.

“how are you not burnt out?” i ask this with great curiosity, intention, and surprise as i talk to a man who is simultaneously walking his ex’s dog, picking up his daughter from inner-city music practice, having a cas/professional meeting with me, and has been working in arts, culture, community-building, and social justice for the dtes for the last 15 years (more?), and running on something like adrenaline – as i’ve realized one must, when in the business of coordinating people & events. “am i not?” he responds. “i say i’ve been burning through for quite some time now…”

it’s hard work in the social gospel.
> try not to let the perfect, become the enemy of the good.
> if not us then who, if not now then when?
> values are the door.
these are notes from monday night’s session. expect 6 months more.

and Sunday evening marks the visual end of an era. of coordinating Media Democracy Days. last week you wrote an article on the history of MDD, now in its tenth year. It was founded out of concern. genuine concern for the public sphere. concern for the values of equity and fairness.

… on the left, someone lets up an equation: Hope + Possibility + Despair. the challenge has been revealed.

today your heroes are writers, organizers, storytellers, fighters.


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