greyhound, eastbound.

[princeton, friday 3am]

the sights are still familiar. i could reach out and touch Red Burrito on the right. Up clark street in a vehicle this size is a completely new experience for me – despite having lived in this city on and off for the past… 7 years. oops – i’ve been telling people six.

the pain in my lower back pipes up momentarily as my pen divulges to the paper. i was going to write that press release right now. But george, our driver, just talked us through the next 6 hours, and we’re already at the base of gaglardi way . My passenger buddy has opted for the ‘recline’ feature on his char and as 1am rolls round – it seems somewhat tempting to dodge the duties and get right to staring out the window.

George was careful to highlight when and where the tim horton’s stop would play into the picture. chilliwack – 2:20am. i’m already debating decaf or regular. ikea on the left. reminder. new west. sister. moving. the time in my life where i visit mads in the suburbs is over.

and i can’t tell whether or not its because i’m wearing a suit jacket, but i’m fucking pumped about this bus ride.

trying to pinpoint why – i think its the seamlessness of this schedule. minimal planning on my part. no gas, light packing, student priced ticket picked up an hour behorehand… no foot irritating the clutch. just a deep breath and a dark night. and 80 strangers sharing the same re-circulating air. the aussie beside me is going to see his son in kelowna. met a canadian girl in whistler, wouldn’t you know, 2 kids later…

port mann bridge, or whatever the one that gets you to surrey is called. i forget. the one that surrey officials elected to expand. the expansion whose fees could have put in a 700km l.r.t. system connecting surrey, richmond, & delta door to door. it’s okay though – they just haven’t had the chance to experience the wonders of sharing such close space with strangers. one smooth, thoughtless whisk through the night on transit and they’ll realize what they’re missing.

i’ve become a cynic.

the new passengers thank george after he gives them the skinny over the p.a. – making sure to highlight the timmy’s stop again. mmm… old fashioned double double.

time for an ideas podcast.

[louise lakes, saturday 12:30pm]


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