button on my mind

the jargon doesn’t come quite as easily anymore. thank the rain. your mind doesn’t need more temptation. warm summer nights, biking in the dark, cherry blossoms, new friends… warm summer nights..

maybe its because you aren’t writing jargon anymore. you’re writing about people. their stories, and their life’s work, their passion, vested interest. you want to sound smart, but you have to sound real. make this story understandable. its not enough just to get words on the page anymore.

university degree. you’ve taught me mostly that you get out what you put in. you’ve taught me about relationships. you’ve taught me that i wont move fast if it means destroying the quality. of my time, investment, experience. or maybe that’s called procrastination.

good god, you aren’t even done yet. 2005, 2006… well, a mandatory hiatus after first year… 2008, 2009..

and its like i haven’t learned anything. the more you know, the more you feel like you don’t know. and heres coffee #3 at 11:17 on a friday night. 12 hours before deadline. but we know that 12 hours on the clock sure ain’t 12 hours on the paper. that much we’ve learned for certain.

wake up to the smell of a steel pot burning black on an open element. oddly enough, it’s a smell you can distinguish. take a break to rearrange the spice shelf – actually. pluck the tops of the flowers, stick them in a jar. make it feel like a home, and not a cage.

“this paper argues that focal objects, such as buttons, are a tangible tool for understanding the development of social movements, and communication spaces within a city…” what a funny way to say thanks. what a funny way to say yes. suddenly you’re having coffee with an urban critic, walking with a city planner, hanging in an artist’s studio, identifying buttons in a museum collection…

petrified by writing. by words. stop thinking. start writing.

“you know those buttons for Ian’s 50th? Melva did those…”

geez. i was 13 then.

[I’m writing a paper about Babylon Buttons. An alternative media hub operating out of East Van since the late 80s. All buttons seen here were made by Melva Forsberg. Paper is due tomorrow… why am I blogging?]


One thought on “button on my mind

  1. gooooo apple go. cool project. nice reflection on uni too. and you’ve inspired me to keep up my fake blog. thanks !! night night. ps/ im going to be up early editing, like 7:30am at jj bean on main. see u there!???

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