This election season, there’s something energizing going on with Canadian youth.

We’re getting riled up, we’re getting angry, and we’re expressing our discontent with the current political environment. Even if Harper wins a minority government again – and I sure hope he doesn’t – this week has made me 1000% more excited to be a young person in Canada.

Here are reasons why.

  1. Leadnow.ca and Openmedia.ca present the televised Federal Leader’s Debate Tweetup – How rad is this? Using their laptop and live streaming the leaders debate, these two non-profit organizations invited anyone to come down to the W2 Media Hub and watch our Federal Party leaders hash it out. The room was full of young people, media folks, cameras, cell phones, laptops, notebooks, sandwiches, beers, and the kind of energy rarely felt in Canada. The energy you feel when when people get motivated and activated to rival opinions, support underdogs, and yell at tv screens (for something other than hockey…).
  2. I’m Voting for Canada. I love a good parody advertisement, particularly one turns the message from Beer to Democracy. Drawing on the popularity of the “I am Canadian” Molson ad, Leadnow.ca has made an “I’m Voting for Canada” version! Check it out.
  3. ShitHarperDid.com – Young Canadians are taking back the media landscape! In reference to the witty sarcasm of “What the Fuck has Obama Done So Far?” some media innovators have pooped on Harper’s parade with the website “Shit Harper Did”. Look for yourself. In case the website isn’t enough, they have also got the faces of some local fantastic Vancouverites promoting our right to vote this May 2nd in their hilarious video campaign. Personally, I’ll take the advice of Vancouver’s own  Charlie Demers, or Ajay Puri over Celine Dion or Sarah McLaughlin anyday. Kudos here.
  4. SpeakInImages.com – A great visual representation of exactly what Canadians want for this country, started, once again, by local Vancouver champions and friends, Claudia and Jacqui. And guess what? You get to add your own thoughts to the website really easily! #participation
  5. Not to mention, the numerous “vote mob” videos by universities across the country! and an organization called ApathyIsBoring.com

Geez. All this amazing stuff coming out of Gen Why. What a great time to be alive.

Now – back to writing a paper. maybe.

Vote on May 2nd.


3 thoughts on “#elxn41

  1. Liked the links and the fact you and so many of your friends and contemporaries are feeling empowered. Don’t let us boring old whities make all the decisions….

  2. thanks lady, this is good. i wonder if the election was purposefully called during exams in the hopes that students might be “too busy” to vote… it seems that way a lot.. anyway, i’m glad you’re getting out and so involved.

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