canvas cat

“… the ‘blindness’ of which James spoke is the blindness each of us is likely to have for the meaning of other people’s lives. At any rate, what sociologists most need to know is what goes on behind the faces of men, what it is that makes life for each of us either dull or thrilling. For ‘if you lose the joy you lose all’. But the thing that gives zest to life or makes life dull is, however, as James says, ‘a personal secret‘, which has, in every single case, to be discovered. Otherwise we do not know the world in which we actually live…”

find the zest, orange kitty. find the zest. between the middle east, pacific ocean, and harper govenment, kitty has a lot of work ahead in order to ‘know the world’ in which she lives.

(quote [circa 1950] taken from readings on ethnographic interviewing; cat painted by moi at reception for vancouver artist kat thorsen)


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