best wishes, fir real

walk the spit. board a plane. steal a wallet. pour me tea. stuff envelopes. brave the downpour. throw a party. extended hands, open palms, jaw sore from smiling. prolong a date. stay later than you should. wait on the sidewalk. watch her making garlic toast. act like an expert. be a celebrity. be a celebrity’s gopher. donate to your friends. donate to your friends. surf. come home. give away free grilled cheese. write. share pad thai in the most unlikely of neighborhoods. admire. be an engaged audience member. take in the stray cat. don’t lock your bicycle. lose your cell phone. learn to run again. accept challenging offers. trade a painting for a 6 pack. be uncomfortable. repeat that playlist. share the bike lane. forget your headphones. waive long distance charges. apologize. cut class. build a brick oven. be inspired, make film. listen to their stories. learn more about buttons than you ever dreamed you would. take notes all the time. move. find help. live alone. sleep on the patio. be aggravated with the city. love the city. inject creativity. play drums in a band at a concert. bump into one another every so often. anticipate something. have a hard time falling asleep. take the microphone.

best wishes, friends.


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