go home and turn up the heat

it’s cold, and tights were the wrong choice. scarf wrapped up to your lower lashes, toque pulled down to your upper lashes. one dollar, one size supermarket mittens. extreme unpreparedness. eyes watering. finally stopping at hastings and main for the light after a brisk hustle through strathcona.
two gentlemen notice your windswept attire, and yell at you from the crosswalk, one foot away. “that wind chill must be nice, eh?” ahhhh! is your unexpected response as adrenaline takes over. on your right, stumbling over the sidewalk, sunglasses and an unzipped vancouver grizzlies jacket spots you with another unexpected comment. “you look like taliban dan! like a terrorist! go home and turn up the heat!” his laughter growls, and your expression must be priceless. the light turns green on your moment, and whisks you away in laughter. sometimes you secretly wish more strangers were more akin to this exuberance.

you make a mental note to thank your roommate for fixing your bike, and follow it with another mental note to not take it outside below zero without wearing a pair of pants.

also, sign&share this. it’s really important!


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