leaves and pencils

new west to vancity, skyset.

imagine a city where saturday nights are spent cycling the seawall with 75 of your closest strangers, stopping occasionally to spontaneously dance to big beats coming form 3 bikes suited up with speakers big enough to catch the ears of anyone from here to coal harbour.

imagine a city where while you sit in strathcona’s cutest corner cafe visiting your friend at work, you overhear wispy words that remind you of home…

“Back in a bit… I’m going to go check the results of the pie contest”

…on a day where folk bluegrass plays live from the baseball diamond and kids bounce around on hay bales while their parents mimic their moves a short distance away.

a city where across the field you spot a bearded fellow who could be your good friend chael, who was beckoned to BC’s trees from the maritimes, who you met while working 8 hour days during ‘vancouver 2010’, and who is the most likely candidate you’d run into at a sunday outdoor event called harvest festival. and he sits down beside you and you chat like old times for the first time since you passed one another going opposite ways on your bikes 2 months ago cuz the city is so hyper that you just lose touch sometimes.

where you run into your good pal in the miso-soup-making section of donald’s market, and you’re pratically wearing the same outfit of black dress/sweater/patterned handkerchief neck scarf and you laugh together saying…

“Look at us, both wearing our headphones… we’re so urban.”

you keep those headphones on as you cycle home happy cuz you’ve got a backpack full of veggies, and a year ago you learned how to ride without using your hands, so now instead of grabbing the bars for dear life while riding beside the cars, you bang the air drums while Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix sings it live – the most recent album you own because they were giving it away free on their website in May. #shouldbewearingahelmet

where you lock your bike up outside your home, and no one’s home but the oven is on. and you have 10 days to find a new roommate. and facebook tells you that homies from your high school have some new raps on myspace. and last week you were called a pro photographer for the fringe fest (and alliance for arts used your photo for their website!), and this week you’ll be reppin’ CBC as a point person at the Chan Centre. and you’re learning how to be a good twitter tweeter from your colleague. and you’ve got to remember to water the plants at your friend’s house while he’s gone. and there was a sporadic monsoon last night that soaked you to the bone on a 5 minute trek home, and made you realize you missed Vancouver In The Rainand you know that everyone else did too.


p.s. did i ever show you this piece of summer love ?

winners, metchosin days


2 thoughts on “leaves and pencils

  1. hullo – great words & pictures! And there is nothing better than a pie contest, but rhubarb better be in there – otherwise it’s a total fix ~ttfn.

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