#Remixology @W2

Last week, a friend and I attended Remixology at W2.

This was the first of a monthly event aimed at bringing local independant media producers together in the same room to create an open dialogue on media issues. This month, the energetic and enthusiastic self-made media man/ photographer Kris Krug was the headliner, speaking largely about his documentary photography of the Gulf Oil Spill, and his participation in the TEDxOilSpill conference.

At one point I looked to the right of me where Gillian Shaw, of the Vancouver Sun, was sitting. On her lap was an ipad.

I needed one, too. (?)

Instead, like a naive young child, I pulled out my pen and paper. And took notes. However, since there was a live twitter feed running throughout the duration of the event, I found my notes taking style of twitter feed comments.

Here are my 140 character thoughts of the night…

“The most open medium we’ve ever had. The internet.” #fierce kitty. “The result of sharing all this on the internet, we acted as a stock photo group for advocacy groups.” …Sitting between Gillian Shaw and Bev Davies! @ RT # . Endbridge pipeline – it’s going to be devastating. (how do you walk that line between inner thoughts and outspoken exclamation?) “the net is changing everything. blockbuster going bankrupt. nickel and dime hustle style.” “if you want to use my stuff (photos) i’ll probably let you, because it’s beneficial to get it out there.” “if you think of the things you can do, think of all the things you can do for non-profit organizations. you can go on youtube and ‘like‘ some videos of disasters in new orleans and get that shit out there.”

Can you imagine if Vancouver Island’s coastal waterways were shut down?


“I couldn’t watch one more fucking oil pelican before I died of a broken heart.” “Reducing oil use requires systematic change in city planning.” “All bets are off. The model has changed. Biz models that rely on the scarcity of information are at the end of their line.”  ” @kk is a Renaissance Man 2.0 weaving together a patchwork quilt of creative awesomeness.” “Build your own reputation thru the internet whatever way you can.” David Byers. CBC. Where’s CBC? “If you drew a pie chart of indie media in this room, you’d probably find half of them…” #brandnameloyalty #velcroripper

feelin pretty silly with a pen and paper @remixology.


Read here for Jonathan Hanley’s write up of the event in the Vancouver Observer – and look for a pic of me and a promo of Media Democracy Day at the bottom!

and Rick Chung wrote a similar piece about the event on his blog


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