main/49th. 7th/quebec

You have Indian features. Did anyone ever tell you that?

What do you mean? I’m quite taken aback by the coy jewelry shop owner behind the counter at 49th and Main.  My heritage is Scottish, with little room for diversity.

Very sharp features, she says.

I have to question her again. My cheeks are not dissimilar to those of chipmunks.

You know, Indian movie stars, they all have sharp features like the nose, and your eyes, yes. Very sharp. Like an eagle eye.

Oh, my. She succeeds in selling me not one, but two new nose rings.


Ohhhh, computer scientist!

He is a rugged bearded man, and his walk is a quick wag past my perch in the park. I look up menacingly.

Uh huh, he continues. and my face breaks slowly into a smile. because he’s right. and he caught me defensive. and computers are silly. in the summer. when you’re in the park. studying. (?!#$)

good thing i gots me some timely friends.


Danielle’s calves … and thighs? … are covered with chain grease tattoos. Tyler’s fingers are black. their trip to Our Community Bikes brought back two new tires and Tyler is a thorough teacher to my green friend.

They’ve set themselves up for me. A perfect stage show and I’m a captive audience. They’re wrestling with the tire. Can’t you just slide the thing along the side? I pipe in. D tries with success. I laugh. I could fall asleep to the sound of Ty’s calm voice walking through this tire change workshop.

What cha doin? Building bikes? The rugged bearded man returns, walking past in the other direction.

Yeah, just changing tires.

Right on, ya got enough tools?


Gotta keep ‘er moving. keep ‘er mobile. He smiles in a laugh behind his solar flare shades.



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