6 Ways to August

stick in the mud, sooke, bc

jordan river, bc

intrepid duo, west coast road

Party Party

“It’s so cool that your name is a party!” says Nat, while a few of us sit in an apartment in Kitsilano, waiting for the night to begin. I half-heartedly dance my index fingers to and fro in the air – not feeling quite up to par with the comparison on this particular evening.

Then, while showering this morning, I noticed a white spot on the back of my shoulder. Immediately disgusted, and thinking it was a giant spitball (odd assumption, i know), i reached around to scrub it away. low and behold, it was the sticker from a Gala Apple. Strange.


I’ve gained more CBC paraphernalia.

A red CBC Vancouver News tee now accompanies my black Strombo tee, retro Radio 3 scarf, red exploding-pizza windbreaker, and my plethora of pins. Friday’s shift was swift and sunny – handing out promo flyers to the masses at granville, robson, georgia, and burrard. suits on their lunch break, backpacked travellers, low-lying crowds of exchange students…

“Free concerts at CBC! Every noon hour all summer long!”Free francophone dj at CBC right now!”“Free concert right now! Two blocks away!”

Everyone gets a little blue 4×10 flyer and some people snap back…”Can I have your button? Where do I get a shirt like that? Can I have the one you’re wearing?”

I begin to feel like maybe mass communication, or communication with the masses, isn’t my cup of tea. Good thing I’ve completed the communications degree requirements and am opting for art classes this fall.

Music/ Ice Cream

“Hey! Are you at the Gelato shop?” I call Sabrina after Manu, Joyce, and I share some viet-sub and falafel post shift. Her shift starts in an hour and we opt for a a midday brew-with-a-view. (read: brown bag in the park near Canada Place) I head into the liquor store of Harbour Centre and notice a little blue 4×10 flyer on the shelf with the single cans – clearly successful in our marketing tactics this afternoon!

Outside Sabs is waiting with my new bike – a beaut I picked up for $20 at the mighty garage sale in may. Feeling decidedly less anxious about having my bike stolen now that the pricey touring bike is safely stowed in Metchosin, rather than being locked to the parking meter below my apartment.

A familiar busker’s twanging steel strings fill the air on cordova street.

My friend ross and his long dreaded locks have a small crowd gathered across the street. he’s surely one of the most talented individuals i’ve ever met. His musical moniker is Mr. Coniferous. listen. Ride the Blind might be my favourite track.

We sit for a while till sabs has to leave for a shift of scopping fine gelato into tiny cups.

mr. coniferous, cordova street

Peddle Peddle

Travelling friends are trickling back into the city. G is back from India… J from Kenya… D from Eastern Europe… savouring the last month of summer and preparing for another fall.

Where should we ride to?

Danielle and I predict a busy August, and decide to toss together a short cycling trip. Over the course of two days we retrieve our helmets and padded shorts from our storage locker on 2nd and Quebec and head onward to horseshoe bay and all the way to Victoria from Nanaimo, stopping for a snooze under the stars on the beach in Chemainus.

“Uh, we might have to stop to pump up your back tire,” I timidly suggest from time to time… What I really mean is,

“Dude, the back tire on your over-priced VancouverVintage bicycle is going to fall off any second, holygeez!!”

Fists gleaming through the air, and cars honking their approval as we crest the ever-hyped up Malahat, I’m blown away by her determination in making that thing work.

After almost a year out of the saddle in such a fashion, my hamstrings were still sore three days after the fact.


intrepid duo #2, highway 1

(the outcome of danielle’s tire…)


I went to this one open house interview where there were like 3 groups of us, and the landlord was like, well, who wants it? And one guy just piped up and said I do! And he got it. Just like that.

There are now 4 or 5 sets of roomies gathered on the sidewalk in the rain, trading stories and waiting patiently for the landlord of this enormous character home to arrive. The house hunt has begun, once again. Danielle and I figure we have what it takes to win the hearts of any landlord, but our saccharine smiles have led us astray in the past. Tensions are high.

the current luxury pad, cambie st

and… Quit (again)

The city’s been smoky. Today’s rain is much-welcomed. It also made it easy to quit my job this evening, after having a set shift called off due to the weather. The joys of the restaurant industry miraculously turned a two-day weekend into an un-planned four day weekend.I call Steph to confirm Saturday night’s schedule change…

“Oh, and one more thing if you have a second?” “Sure, whats up?” “I think I’d like to give my notice since I’ll be going back to school in the fall. Is this formal enough or… would you like me to write a letter?” They expect most of us summer hires to give notice around now. “No, no… this is fine. Want us to call you at Christmas?

I’d consider staying on schedule through the fall, but sometimes, you just have to make little sacrifices for a Seattle-styled weekend with your friends Bob Dylan, the Decemberists, Weezer, and Mary J Blige. Bumpershoot!

(Plus – I’ve begun a swank position as co-coordinator of Media Democracy Day, taking place November 6th! I even boarded the boat to twitter-land, to feel more social-media savvy. Find us at @MediaDemocDay and find me at @salted_lion – ain’t that fun?!)


love and health to all your potted plants, amigos.

and this is garlic


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