end of semester

For those of you who aren’t quite positive what happens inside the ivory towers… and are mystified by academia… and wonder why it gets all the credit it does… let me let you know that this degree shall equip me with the ability to:

a) Philosophically converse pondside of sfu’s academic quadrangle… [read: have a mental breakdown mid-afternoon]

b) Purchase “white glue” and “construction paper”, and use “scissors” to “make” a poster for a presentation on old growth ecosystems… [really? no computer?]

(…like the subtle messaging below?)

c) And Read: an email from co-op informing me that i must now enter a jobsearch phase endearingly titled, “the lightning round” since no other employer has wished to hire me as of yet for the summer co-op session.

Lightning round will allow my resume to strike down upon agencies that I may wish to be hired with, according to my wants and needs and the skills I possess according to a short survey that I shall complete.

Should I add cutting cool shapes from paper to the old resume… ?

End of semester kinda makes me feel like a cauliflour in the field…


One thought on “end of semester

  1. i like your shoes.

    also i think you’re pretty rad if that counts.

    speaking of counts… it’s the final countdown. god school’s annoying.

    say, you should try the other end of the country. maybe it’ll be less stressful (sic: different/more fun/did i mention more fun?)


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