the anthropocene

Whilst I study, with rain falling outside, let me enlighten you of my readings:

“Two centuries into the Industrial Revolution, human society is now confronting the vast benefits, but also the massive risks, of these spectacular technological successes. We have become so adept at clearing the ecological playing field to satisfy human desires that we are often shoving the rest of life right off the stage.” – from The Anthropocene

Big sigh. All hope is not lost, however.

The Ancient Forest Alliance held the first environmental rally in Vancouver to protect BCs Old Growth Forests in about 15 years yesterday! This milestone comes on the advent of discovering possibly Canada’s Gnarliest Tree out near Port Renfrew a few weeks ago.

And, so long as young brave minds are out there bushwacking to find magical treats like “Avatar Grove”,

and gathering on eco-friendly wheels to take over city streets,

and supporting global education and poverty reduction a la global agents for change… then maybe I’ll remain hopeful.

p.s… just think. these suave suit and tie scenesters are the same group of clowns from the photo below. incredible what a shower and haircut can trick you into believing…


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