five days in to the five ring circus

foghorn, leghorn

sun splashes my cheek as i sit with my dog on the back porch of our little house in east van. i’m pet-sitting for my mexico-dwelling sister and mother right now… and even madeline’s bunny is scampering around the backyard enjoying the sun and a chance to stretch his little legs.

and things are nice and quiet in good old east van… when suddenly…

“bleeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaerg blaaaaam blaaaaaam”

that’s the sound of a special horn ringing throughout the city. it’s saying, hey, city! canada just won another medal! be stoked!

Painted Red

Walking past city hall today I noticed a sign I hadn’t seen before. It read something like, show your true colours, wear red, paint your face, go canada! and a lot of vancouverites are listening. robson, granville, and georgia streets, not to mention all of yaletown and the false creek sea wall are swelled in size and pulsing with people. it’s a surreal feeling. in search of partyparty last night, danielle and i emerged from the canada line station into the heart of the action in yaletown where, despite heavy rainfall, you’d think you’d just time-warped to munich during oktoberfest, or beijing during chinese new years… except… the whole world is here and it’s little vancouver… and it’s just the most strange feeling!

The dollars this is costing, I don’t want to know, but there are fireworks and lightshows, and buzz and flames, and, my god, THINGS TO DO everywhere! and it’s free! i love it.

we began a full chorus rendition of o canada at steamworks last night. i don’t think life gets better than splashing your drinks while belting our funny anthem to a bar full of taken-aback patrons.

Can’t stop smiling

It’s part of the contract. “would you like a cbc button? did you get your cbc flag, yet? interested in a live radio broadcast in the plaza?” I’ve buttoned and flagged just about every person in Vancouver over the last four days, sustaining a 15 minute conversation in french, soothing people’s nerves about protestors vs rioters, chatted at length about one man’s love for peter gzowski, sat in on a live broadcast of The Current with Anna Maria Tremonte, swooned with an older lady about the striking cheekbones of grant lawrence, and had a few friendly mingles with Gregor. i’ve got a day off today, and i’m trying to give my cheekbones a little rest. stephen colbert is riding into town on a golden eagle tomorrow morning and attendance is mandatory.

Triple Rad 360

sabrina and i checked out the wine and cheese opening of W2, Vancouver’s hippest media and culture outlet. they’re running alternative media programming on a volunteer basis out of there 24h/day for the next 2 weeks, including a full day of bicycle entertainment next saturday. so rad.

tent cities are apparently going strong in an empty parking lot downtown. soliciting free tents and blankets to make a homeless shelter during the games. also, rad.

mmm… yah! and the broken window at the bay provided a great many photo opps early saturday afternoon. oddly rad.

being in the midst of a time-warp, and being so close to all this rad makes it a lot easier to forget about last month’s protesting… but i just uploaded my photos today… so here’s a little reminder.

a bientot!


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