Olympics: TOMORROW!

fire in them there hills

The Torch came to campus today. After a riveting ride from bowen island yesterday morning, all the way up grouse mtn, touched by a lady astronaut, and then up big ol’ burnaby mountain this morning to a swarm of students, and a few placards. No ground will be left untouched! It still surprises me to think that the Flame made it through Metchosin way back in November at the beginning of the trek. My diligent mother being the only town councillor not present for the event.

cerveza, por favor?

this week has seen 4 of my immediate family members fly down to mexico to escape the chaos, and this weekend two of my good friends are heading down to siesta-land, as well! news reports this morning suppose that the only vancouver-natives who will be downtown during the games will be the thousands of Vanoc Family members donning those big blue 5-ringed raincoats (or else marketing other corporate enterprises! … that means me… in my cbc-gemmed red windbreaker… go team!)

increase the police!

holy smokes! you’d have to be blind not to see the increase of baton-bearing, bullet-proof vested, siren-happy, and unmarked vehicle-driving po-po everywhere! geez. there are about 2 cops per street corner, everywhere! and i mean everywhere. walking around the aisles of my neighborhood fruit & veggie store last week was a big buff guy in a black bulletproof vest smiling at customers and chatting up the checkout girls. good grief! the other day walking around downtown with my aunt, we overheard a cop stop a young woman and her daughter… “excuse me, miss… i’m going to have to stop you. your daughter is too cute… would you like a flashy vpd pin, little girl?”

art in the streets

on the other hand, i’m very happy about central street closures on robson, and the public benches set up in the ‘lantern forest’ on granville street. i wish they would stay closed forever, and not just the next 3 weeks. free music shows are also a bonus, and i don’t think many people are complaining about that.

more from the streets later!  big fun tomorrow as my first street-shift starts at 4pm and goes to 12am. im excited to hear what kind of questions people ask me as they step off the skytrain at stadium station and walk up to a smiley girl with a big red cbc windbreaker and need to know how to get to whistler or something.



One thought on “Olympics: TOMORROW!

  1. my little gorilla journalist…..
    the expensive pearly whites are finally getting to strut their stuff, dazzle the denizens of the Olympic dregs…oops, that wasn’t very supportive was it?
    from your “diligent” mom, indulging in the caressing embrace of indolent Mexico…
    mucho gusto

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