wild (wet) world

i am home. surprise!

sitting in my mom’s metchosin home in her little office surrounded with books with titles like “Mushrooms Demystified”, “Food Plants of Interior First Peoples”, and right beside them (the real treat), “Myxomycetes: A Handbook of Slime Molds”. sun hustles in the window coming from behind angelic clouds billowing up from a few outstanding firs and cedars that will stay rich and dark all winter long. beads of hail threw themselves at our wooden deck outside the kitchen doors this morning as my mother made her ancient recipe tea biscuits which i had so been longing for. (i butchered the recipe into rock cakes in an attempt to recreate the magical biscuits while in germany. never trust baking powder with a german translation of backpulver…)

after a traumatizing 38 hours in transit from berlin to metchosin, including a rockin 13 hours of sleep-on-the-cold-floor, eat-chez-mcdonalds-for-breakfast in the paris cdg airport, i felt a sense of shell shock and have continued to have a strong inclination not to leave this house on camas hill for quite some time.

however, we all know that is a hard bargain to bet for someone who has barely taken off their travelling shoes.

to doodle

My friend Byron Fry came over the other night to take some pictures, and by chance, told me about the Western Canada Wilderness Comittee‘s trip to Tofino this weekend, and suggested i find a way to come along. the folks at wcwc are some of the most admirable people i know for their dedication to saving Old Growth Forests on Vancouver Island, and this weekend will serve as my first intentional walk into a (reeeeeally) old growth forest with two local Tlaoquiaht first nation’s guides to show us the way! truly exciting. plus, we get to learn from the best about how to boost our knowledge of environmental activism-y skills, as well. just in time, too, those skills may come in handy for any upcoming copenhagen events.

i’m a long, long ways away from where I was on monday, sleeping in late and pressing two little cups of breakfast coffee amidst celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall, and i’m even further away from my psycho summer spent entirely on a bicycle… but things are good here at home. and i’m happy to be back on the wild west coast.


bike doodle


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