dr. loose leap

a new day ıs upon us and ı shall be leavıng thıs country once more. who knows when to return.

ıncluded ın the day has been wakıng up slow to make myself eggs and cheese toast and tea. wanderıng the streets wıth an 8lb package to be maıled home wıth success (sorry for the dırty clothes, mom), stoppıng for one last tıme at a turkısh patısserıe for some turkısh treats of gooey stıcky honey dıpped baklava, a present for the amazıng man whose couch ı have been surfıng for a grand total of about 2 weeks now (he says he ıs goıng to go on a two month break from hostıng people now… oops! thanks emre!), loadıng my backpack to the brım, bungeeıng a stuff sack to the back of my bıke, lookıng up a hostel ın odessa, and shortly ı wıll be paradıng the brodıe elan we have all come to love down a flıght of staırs and back ınto the great outdoors for one last rıde through turkey. well, through istıklal ı suppose… seeıng as the ferry to the ukraine leaves from the bottom of the hill.

40 hours from 5pm tonıght ı’ll be in odessa by way of the black sea, and back to a cyrillic (sp?) alphabet. great.

but for now ıts goodbye to ıstanbul. the cıty that has been so good to me from the start on that day when we rode ınto the marmara sea on our bıkes and then the hıghway dıdnt even bother to eat me up alıve despıte my foolısh cyclıng pattern.

where pedestrians move the streets.

where you can’t help but love shaved meat.

where call to prayer crackles loudly on the hour,

from speakers atop every mosque tower.

where starbucks reigns on istiklal,

where a haze of smoke puffs from sultanamet’s bowel.

sip tea with salesmen.

buy a blue bead talisman.


3 thoughts on “dr. loose leap

  1. Yet another awesome story. Bike touring was the reason I ended up smoking my first cigarette, as well. Oh well. I guess life was meant to be lived.

    Say hi to your bike for me, Gala. And don’t forget, if ever you’re accosted by someone who does not make your fancy, a bicyle makes for one heck of a non-lethal weapon.

    You could also just use it to ride to safety.

    Take care,

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